Monday, January 16, 2006

Bargaining with salespeople

On Sunday after brunch with D&G, we all went down to Godfrey's together. Godfrey's is a store chain specialising in sales of vacuum cleaners. Both couples needed to get vacuum cleaners for our individual households and Godfrey's was having a major stocktake sale.

Now this was the part I didn't like... dealing with salesmen. As soon as walked in the door, we were greeted by this mousy-looking Indian salesman. And he just wouldn't stop talking. We told him our budget which of course he rebutted saying that we need to think LONG-TERM and buy a QUALITY machine that would last for years and years.

We were eyeing one machine that seemed pretty reasonable... so of course we bargained saying that we were going to buy two machines, so could he give us both a better price? And as usual, he would give us a pathetic face and say it was his best price... oh but please, could you just check for us?... Okay, he will try and see what he can do... moments later he came back and said he couldn't cut the price but he will give us both free steam irons worth $99 each. We don't need steam irons... but these are very special steam irons... but we really don't need one...

Finally we looked him in the eye and told him that this is our price. More whining and funny facial contortions from our mousy salesman before he finally relented.

So we left with two vacuum cleaners and I can bet that Mr Mousy Indian Salesman was happily rubbing his hands together and very pleased with the double sale he made that day.

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