Monday, January 09, 2006

AirAsia is sneaky

I had made flight bookings for Chinese New Year very early... but not as early as others... so the best flight out from Singapore will put us in KK at around 9.40PM.

Then out of nowhere, AirAsia bursts in with their new additional daily flights... and special promotion 2 million free seats up for grabs. I was so geram. Where does that put us early birds?

Anyway, it only occured to me recently that I might be willing to pay the RM100 penalty to take advantage of the new flights ang change our flight times to an earlier one.

Unfortunately, this bird missed the worm again. All the good seats were snapped up too quickly for me. So I'll look and the bright side and say at least I have more time to do my long overdue shopping spree in Singapore.

Anyway, we can always have our own CNY Reunion Supper.

So come and get us at 9.40PM at the AirAsia KK Terminal, Flight no. AK5622.

We can't wait to see you all again!


[P.S. Sam, remember your promise... Get that yellow nien-gao for me!]

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  1. will do. yep, we'll have reunion supper instead.


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