Friday, December 23, 2005

Our very own Christmas Tree

To keep up with dad's recent posting of the Christmas tree they put up back home in KK, I thought I'd show our own Christmas tree here in our little home in Sydney.

We picked up the tree for a bargain at $5 at a garage sale. The silver tinsel and decorations cost $9 from Ikea. MH insisted on having proper Christmas lights for around $10 also from Ikea. The only drawback is that the lights do not twinkle, but that's alright.

We've spent a few quiet evenings sitting quietly on our couch looking at our pretty Christmas tree. It's very therapeutic.

On another topic, despite the Christmas season,the current issues in Australia is minority groups protesting Christmas celebrations. And they are not even Muslims or Jews. Just ordinary "free-thinkers" who strongly believe that Christmas carols and Christmas greetings should strictly be limited to churches or religious settings. They were deeply offended that a local school sent their family a Christmas card to wish them "Merry Christmas". Apparently, it's now a disgrace that schools are force-feeding children Christmas traditions and practices which are irrelevant to their background.

I never thought this is kind of thing that would happen here. But I guess it doesn't matter nowdays where you are, it's very easy to offend just about anyone. Just wish them "Merry Christmas" and you might be up for a lawsuit on religious extremism. Scary.

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