Monday, December 19, 2005

My new toy

Our first Christmas present in Sydney. MH's old classmate gave it to us during the dinner party we held at our place. This is exactly what I've been itching to buy for the past few months.

I first saw this at MH's friend's house where we stayed when we first arrived. I was so amazed at this gadget... they way it steamed things so perfectly in such a short time. The friend was also very enthusiastic about showing me all the features and raved about how easy it was to use and maintain. I was determined to get one for myself too.

So we went to Myers to look at it. The price was fairly reasonable, but MH suggested we wait for a sale and get it at a discount. We didn't need it urgently anyway. So I agreed.

Then lo and behold, the same friendwent out to get one for us because she saw how much I liked it. I'm so amazed how nice people can be. I was like a little girl all over again, opening up the box and admiring how beautiful it looked.

It's now sitting prettily on my kitche counter. I can't wait to start using it. I am now enjoying the thrill of reading the instruction manual and learning about all the amazing features it has.


  1. Hey, I've got one like this too - my teachers gave it to me. It's still wrapped up and in the store. I thought it was so troublesome to use - after all - there's the faithful kuali to do the job - so I didn't open it. Perhaps I will. I am trying to get healthy steamed vegy instead of fried vegy. BTW, the pears are cute. Clever girl!

  2. I probably would prefer using a kuali if I had one. Furthermore, my stove is an electric one, so it's difficult to use a kuali on it. Quite sad because I cannot really do deep-fried recipes.


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