Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mini-reunion dinner

We hosted a dinner party on Saturday night. It was Housewarming + Christmas + Friends Get-together party. So you can guess that the whole day from morning to night was spent in the kitchen. I wanted to take my time cooking at a leisurely pace, so I started early. But somehow, everything always comes together at the same time in the end, so there was a bit of scramble just before the guests arrived.

You can see photos of our house in preparation to receive our guests at this link: Christmas Dinner Party

Unfortunately, in the midst of eating and talking, we forgot to take group photos of our friends... so those photos are the only evidence remaining of the dinner party. There are also some leftovers, but those will be gone soon anyway.

By some strange coincidence, the same night of the dinner party was also MH's 10-year class reunion in Subang. So later after dinner, they called one of their friends back in Subang to check the action going on at the hotel where they were having the reunion.

After our guests left the scene, we the hosts were left with the usual mess to clean up. At moments like this, I am just so thankful that we have a dishwasher.

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