Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tuna + Pasta

I tried making a simple tuna and pasta dish on Sunday afternoon for a fuss free lunch. I used penne pasta, canned tuna in spring water, some spring onions and coriander for colour, and salt and pepper to taste. It didn't turn out exactly the same way as how mom's used to taste. Did I miss something out?


  1. Sam, that's your solution to everything food related...

  2. never buy canned pasta sauce - they all taste like medicine. Use fresh tomatoes, tomato soup, carrots, a slice of capsicum, button mushroom. Fry slice shallot, powder oregano, then add in all the ingredients. Whn bubbling, add rosemary and a bit of red wine (optional), then tuna. sprinkle of sugar ( no need salt)

  3. Wow, I'm surrounded by food connoisseur in oir family! I'll try mom's tip. I'll save the milk tip for other tuna creations perhaps...


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