Monday, November 21, 2005

Friend and playmate

Today is my friend, JC's birthday.

She is exactly eight days older than me (which means my birthday is... ahem ahem...)

JC is my first and longest gal friend in my entire life. I don't remember in precise detail the first we met. My mom tells me that it was when she and JC's mom introduced their daughters to each other... you know... the "Serene, say hello to...". We peered at each other shyly. And then we made an instant connection. You see, Serene doesn't speak Chinese. But JC said kindly, I like to speak English... and I like reading English books... Plus both our birthdays are in November, talk about connection. And that's how lifetime friendships are made.

What I do remember on my own are the "come over to my house to play" sessions we had almost every week at each others' houses. We played barbie dolls, showed each other our secret diaries, JC was writing a novel which she let me read, we beaded matching necklaces, baked cookies, and talked for hours on the phone... no girlie childhood is complete without this kind of gal friend. My brothers seemed to enjoy her company as well because they let us in on their games (or maybe it was we who let them in our games). Family picnics, birthday parties, church retreats... it just would never have been the same without JC.

Friends forever. Corny but true.

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