Friday, October 28, 2005

The world keeps getting smaller...

We attended our FIRST CONNECT GROUP MEETING on Wednesday night. It's not too far away from our house - only 3 stops away by train (less than 10 minutes journey). We were the first to arrive at the connect group leader's house even though it was already 7.25pm (the meeting was supposed to begin at 7.30pm).

So we chatted with the connect group leader. She's a young working adult, 29 years old, Australian-born Chinese. Her parents were first generation migrants from Mainland China. But she's lived in Australia all her life and is already very "aussie-fied".

Finally at 7.45pm, the doorbell rang and a young married couple walked in the door. The moment our eyes met, there was a flash of recognition between MH and the other man. Ahah! They new each other from Taylor's College in KL! They immediately talked about a common friend they had in college. We can't seem to avoid bumping into people we know everywhere we go.

The connect group is run in a fairly unstructured manner... quite different from what we are used to from other churches. There was no praise & worship. The members just chatted with each other until the leader said it was time to go through the bible study material prepared. Every week, all the connect group go through a standard bible study material prepared by the senior pastor. This week, the topic was Opinion vs. Counsel.

After an opening prayer, the leader divided us into groups and assigned sub-topics for us to discuss. After about 20 minutes, we came back together again and shared what we discussed. The the leader invited members to share any "Praise Reports" or "Prayer Requests". After the closing prayer, there was the usual fellowship and chit chat. We had a good time chatting with MH's acquantaince from KL, and his wife who was from JB. They were married only recently in March and had migrated to Australia just a few months before us.

After the meeting, one of the members offered to send us home. It seems that all the members of the group stay in the same vicinity, so our driver insisted that our house was just on the way home for her.

All in all, it felt good to be out sharing and talking with other people of similar age and background as us.

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