Thursday, October 13, 2005

Telur Talk!

I just thought I'd say a few thoughts of one of the world's favourite and most versatile food... or at least in our own family anyway:

The Egg: A marvelous creation. It's neither a vegetable and not really an animal (Trivia Time: Actually an egg is really a single cell organism; so the ostrich egg is really the largest single cell organism in the world!). And to state the obvious: You can do amazing things with the egg simply by subjecting it to heat.

Eggs have been my life saver many times during our younger days. We used to have a maid who had horrible culinary skills. This was when me and my bros picked up our survival skills by learning to fry our own egg. (Remember, we were driven to do this... these were desperate times). Aaahhh... this was thhe ultimate skill a primary school kid could have... to be able to heat up oil in a frying pan, deftly crack an egg into the pan without making a mess, and (drum roll) flip the egg over while keeping the yolk perfectly intact. (Skill, man!)

We soon graduated from the basic egg-frying school and went on to the art of making omelette. We were very precise and meticulous in this art. A good omelette must have just the right combination of onions, mushrooms, chilli, capsicum, coriander, ham, and cheese. We also picked up the knack of beating an egg to frothy perfection. Those were yummy saturday mornings!

My own current culinary life saver is bacon omelette. I keep a box of bacon handy in the fridge. And whenever I'm short of a dish for dinner (or just plain lazy), I just chop up some bacon, beat up some eggs and throw it all together in the frying pan. Guaranteed to make the hubby happy. Nothing like eggs and bacon to make a man happy.

I am now learning to make the perfect steamed egg dish. The last one I made tasted a bit funky and was a wee bit chunky. More water next time perhaps...

So, lets hear it for The Egg. (Yeeeeeaaaaah!!!)

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  1. Paul's an expert on omelette. He picked up the skill from wtching "Morning with Delia" Those were the days when two of us would huddle infront of the tv for this morning show.


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