Thursday, October 20, 2005

Productive day...

What I have done so far...

07.00AM: Woke up and made breakfast for MH and myself.

07.30AM: MH left for work, I did a quick washing up and some final preparation for my meeting.

08.00AM: Got dressed and put on my make-up.

09.00AM: Left house to catch train to the city.

10.00AM: Arrived at my interviewee's office and we went out to a nearby cafe to talk. It was a very good interview and the chap was very helpful and willing to share (He's originally from Scotland but has been in Sydney for 18 years).

11.00AM: Ended meeting and caught train home.

12.00PM: Stopped by the bank to make some changes to our bank account options.

12.30PM: Arrived home to let in telephone technician to fix the phone line (yup, it was down again yesterday, although I couldn't see any reason why).

01.00PM: Went out to pay electricity bill, return a pair of shoes purchased by MH (it was the wrong design), and did some grocery shopping.

02.00PM: Logged onto internet to check and send some emails, made some phonecalls to phone company to close issue about house phone, and to a dance school to ask about taking social/ballroom dance classes.

What I will be doing for the rest of the day...

03.30PM: Eat lunch (salad and sandwich).

04.00PM: Type out notes for this morning's meeting and email to my project manager.

05.30PM: Start preparing dinner.

06.00PM: MH will arrive home. We will eat our dinner on the run because we have a church event tonight.

07.00PM: Catch shuttle bus to church.

07.30PM: Attend "Partners in Vision" course at church - it's to be an introduction to the church background and ministries, and how we can get connected.

10.30PM: Approximate time of arrival home.

And that should be my day, for today.


  1. I always enjoy reading this kind of detailed listing of events. It gives a good feel of what and how my family members are living their daily routine.
    1 hour to travel from home to Sydney (8-9am), that's quite a distance.
    I can see you people's lives will be more and more busy with ballroom dancing and church ministry. Well, if not, it will be really boooooooooooooring living in a city like Sydney.

  2. Actually the actual train ride is only 20-30 minutes. But need to factor in walking time and waiting for the train.


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