Monday, October 24, 2005

It's a small world...

On Sunday I bumped into an old friend from my Pre-U days. He has in Sydney studying his Masters and his parents were with him to witness his convocation. He invited us to have lunch with him and his parents. We ate at a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. As usual when bumping into KK people, we naturally talked about KK.

Well, you probably know that KK is so small but somehow you will always manage to bump into one no matter which part of the world you are at. And chances are, you will either know that person, or at least know someone who knows that person.

We discovered that the father is an aircraft & aviation consulting engineer in KK. And he knows uncle Rev Lee through the counseling training course they organised with the pastor they invited from Singapore who was conducting this course.

Once a connection is made, a bond is forged and the parents invited us to look them up in KK and offered their help if we want to pass anything to our parents or vice versa as their son will be going back to KK this Nov.

P.S. We also met Tan Soon Tee from BCCM. He's in Sydney studying Pharmacy.

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