Monday, October 24, 2005

Fees everywhere!!!

We received our bank statement recently and spotted a $6.30 set-up fee and a $0.30 transaction fee (charged 4 times) for every time there was a direct debit out of our account to pay our rent. Can you believe it? Our agent was charging us a fee for us to pay them rent! This was ridiculous!

When we first signed our lease, our agent told us that it was compulsory for us to use this special direct debit system to pay our rent. It was supposed to be easier and we would not suffer any loss for using this wonderful system. Our tragic mistake was that we trusted her too easily and did not scrutinise the fine print as we usually did.

When I called the agent about the $0.30 fees charged to our account, she insisted that she had made sure we were fully aware of all these extra cost. Then she told us that we were not obligated to use this system... it was mandatory but we were not forced to use the system. I could hardly get a word it edgewise... our sweet and kind agent was now putting up a highly defensive front... it was not her fault... it was our own mistake...

Frustration... I feel so betrayed by our agent...

We asked the agent to remove us from the system and told her we would pay the rent in CASH from now on... no more of this automated electronic systems. It was so easy to use such systems in Singapore, but here in Australia's inefficient & uncompetitive market, any kind of service is so expensive. We have to get used to using more traditional manual systems now that we are away from Singapore.

Welcome to the rest of the world!

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