Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Bargain buy: internal modem

We finally have decent internet connection!

I've complaining about the lack of convenient connection for the past few weeks. The internal modem in MH's desktop computer had died. So we were unable to dial-up to our ISP.

In the meantime, I logged onto the internet using MH's office laptop via his company's remote internet connection... but it's very slow... only 21kbps, which is reeeaaally slooooow... I can almost doze off in front of the computer while waiting for a simple webpage to load.

MH initially wanted to get the modem from Singapore or Malaysia as it is usualy cheaper there. But MH felt sorry for me and announced today that we will get a new modem no matter what.

We stopped by a computer hardware shop near our place manned by a Chinese chap. He showed us an internal modem and quoted his price, $18. I nudged MH and whispered that we might be able to get a better price somewhere else. But MH was determined to but this modem on the spot.

So I decided to exercise the basic bargaining skills all Malaysians should be equipped with... I asked the Chinese chap, "Is this your best price?". And of course he said it was and that it was very low price already. Then I turned to MH and said, "I think I saw an internal modem for sale somewhere else for $15" (which was true). Then Chinese chap chimed it, "I can give it to you for $15 if you want". Of course we wanted it, so we exchanged the cash for the modem and went skipping home with our great bargain buy. And the first thing MH did went we arrived home was of course to set up the modem and connect to the internet... hooray! (Thanks, hon)

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  1. Count your blessing. We have been surviving on modem speed of 19.2 kbps ! So far, haven't dozed off yet !
    By the way, you are a true Malaysian judging by the way you bargained !


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