Thursday, October 06, 2005

Australian tai-tai

My life has been revolving around work - gathering info and data on banking messaging systems... and housework - washing, cooking, cleaning and shopping (for groceries, not clothes!). I'm enjoying myself so far. Just need to be careful that I don't fall into the trap of becoming slack!

We're had a lovely time exploring our suburb. There are plenty of quaint little shops to look into. And it's pleasant to walk down Burwood Road and see people in the cafes and shops as we pass by. Plus, I am convinced that some of the best Chinese food is actually tucked away in our little subsurb... right under our very noses... mmm... I am tempted to rate one place as having the best Chinese BBQ pork ribs in the world! But I won't pass the final verdict just yet... still some more exploring to do...

Well, Paul is now enjoying himself in Sydney (in Burwood to be exact). Sleep, eat, watch TV, DVD & VCDs, play computer games, eat, sleep. It's nice having him around. I'll definitely miss his company when he goes back to Newcastle next week.

And I am also enjoying myself in the kitchen, recovering my (almost) lost culinary skills. We still don't have a rice cooker. So I have to cook rice by steaming it in a pot. I have to cook it too rounds because Paul has a big appetite!


  1. Blessed is Paul because he has another blood-linked family member within "door steps" distance !

  2. Your famous bitter gourd and spare ribs recipe has travelled to Malacca. Auntie Jenny liked it so much that she SMS me for the full recipe. Ha ! My daughter the celebrity chef !!


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