Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's about time

Finally... it's about time I sat down and type a new entry for my blog... even if it has to be a short one.

It's beautiful in Sydney now. Now that I am here... I can remember how this is really one of the prettiest cities in the world. MH and I were at Darling Harbour on Monday night to meet up with Ronald who flew in from Perth on a business trip... it's so pretty there... you get a nice sense of calm and feel like you can really exhale as you stroll down along the water down there.

I've also been exercising my culinary skills here. We're still staying at MH's friend's place. But we definitely cannot eat out every night. So I cooked as often as I can for all of us. Somehow it's so easy to be a James Oliver wanabe here... don't know if its the cheap and fresh ingredients... the spring air... or MH's friend's lovely kitchen... whatever it is, it's good...

We finally found a place to rent in Burwood. The rent is a bit higher than our initial budget when we first started house-hunting. But we realise if we want a nice place at an excellent location, the price will definitely be a b it higher. We're still finalising some documents and trying to bargain with the agent to push down the price.

There's still so much to do once we get the place... like setting up the phone and internet connection and the furniture and kitchenware/cookware. We'll start with very basic items and build up slowly. We'll probably be scouting around at garage sales for good bargains.

Okay... my short entry is starting to become a wee bit long.

Singapore seems very far away now... but thanks to our little family blogging community, KK and home are still very close to my heart.

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  1. Just can't wait for you to get settled - so we can visit. Looking forward. Paul too, I'm sure.


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