Monday, August 15, 2005

Sad to be leaving my first job

What a whirlwind week it has been.

My official last day of work was on Friday. I was already starting to feel a little sad. It has definitely been an interesting and sometimes exciting chapter of my life working at this company. I also have really great colleagues. I've heard of cases of back-stabbing and weirdo people that keep bugging you (like at MH's company). But at my company, I had no such impression of my colleagues... although they can be weird too... in an endearing kind of way.

And guess what? My collagues planned a mini-surprise farewell party for me. All my colleagues were there, plus my manager and the directors as well. The secretary prepared some snacks for all of us and I gave a little good-bye speech. The real surprise was the gift they gave to me. All of them collaborated to make a PowerPoint presentation entitled "Serene at Synovate". There was also a 1 minute video clip of each colleague sharing a personal message on video for me. They compiled the presentation and video clips into a CD and personalised the CD with a mini photo collage of the entire team. On top of that, each of them signed the CD cover with a personal written message for me.

I was so touched. I laughed aloud and even teared a little as we watched the presentation and videos together as we munched on the snacks.

Although I am looking forward to the exciting new things that are in store for me in Sydney, I am definitely sad to be leaving too.

This was my first real professional job. And the memories and experiences I gleaned from this place will always have a special place in my heart.


  1. The dynamics in your company is healthy - you must have contributed positively to it

  2. Having second thoughts???... hehehehe...Sydney is an awesome place...just don't let the size overwhelme you...and make sure i can visit anytime...or at least during breaks...

  3. Do come and visit please... I would love to have you come! You can cook for us and we cook for you


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