Friday, July 29, 2005

Words have the power to hurt… and the power to heal…

After some thought and discussion among the directors, we agreed to publish a public apology to the “victim”. We were not so deluded to think that our apology will definitely be received graciously. In fact we have so far received one rude response from another commentator in the blogging community.

I admit that I wanted to opt to stay silent. Why bother? Everybody has an opinion. Everybody has an audience and a circle of influence. Influence is a powerful thing. What difference can one measly apology make? Perhaps this is just one bad view in a sea of so many other opinions and views.

At the same time, I also admit that I felt hurt by this person’s words. It was probably his/her intention to give an honest opinion of his/her personal experience. I am sorry that it wasn’t the best of experiences. So perhaps we deserved it.

Still, I wonder if people realise that behind the businesses and companies are real people with real feelings. We complain and scream at the customer service officer in our anger against the big bad corporation that swindled us. We forget that the poor customer service officer has feelings, and the manager at the scene has feelings, and the struggling owner of the little establishment has feelings.

You don’t have to mince the truth. Just your words.

Words have the power to hurt… and the power to heal…

Despite the fact that our apology may not necessarily be received with gracious and open arms, in the end we chose to do what we thought was the right thing to do. At least we will not have regrets that we have withheld doing something positive. Sometimes not doing anything at all can be just as bad as doing something negative. It’s always better to be proactive rather than be reactive. Or worse… a doormat.

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