Saturday, July 09, 2005


I am seeing stars!!!

Today we had a Mediacorp filming at our cafe for a local talk show series. They wanted to feature our cafe as a good place for family fun... food... and games...

So I had the honour of shaking hands with a local Singaporean celebrity who was hosting the show. I shall not reveal the name of the person here for confidential reasons (ask me in person if you want to know who I'm talking about).

Anyway, I had the opportunity to have a close up look at a real celebrity. And it was interesting to see the whole "lights, camera, action" sequence in progress. We had a group of kids come in to sit down and play games in front of the camera. Wah! These kids really can act! Except for one screaming brat who kept on misbehaving, messing up the cards and refusing to cooperate, all the other kids were well behaved and put up a good show of having fun with the games. We removed the brat in the end -- much to the disappointment of the mother who was probably keen to have her kid in the spotlight.

This experience further emphasises that SOME Singaporeans can be very 'sakai' indeed and have nothing better to do than to just 'kepo'. A volunteer child can come in with both parents, aunties, uncles, grandmother etc... almost the whole kampung in fact! All these people were milling around and getting in our way. But we had good crowd control and kept these people at a distance from the action when filming was in progress. Still, you can see that there will always be some odd person that manages to squeeze in somewhere to 'kepo' in the whole thing... SIGH!

People are very interesting to watch sometimes.

Anyway, look out for a glimpse of our cafe in action (and maybe even some familiar faces) on August 16th at 8.30PM on Mediacorp Channel 8.

P.S. Our celebrity caller commented that she liked our chicken wings! :)

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  1. Weell, IF any of my brood is going to be on TV, I'll jolly well make sure I'll be around to witness the event - another family event opportunity !! It's not everyday you get a chance to be in TV. Hopefully these kids will be your loyal supporters and they will bring their other friends to the cafe as well.....


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