Friday, July 29, 2005

Split second decisions

The road of life takes us through unexpected twists and turns
Sometimes… we end up with surprises
Most of the time… we choose
A billion split second decisions
Don’t wanna live in self-deception no more


  1. Hey, what's the split second decision you made ? Care to reveal !

  2. Just random thoughts... but since you asked, some recent split second decisions include:
    1. Choosing to go to work instead of calling in sick
    2. Sleeping for 10 minutes longer (it ended up being 30 minutes!!! argh!!!)
    3. Volunteering to participate in the prayer chain on Sat 1.30AM (I hope I can do this one)
    4. Whether to eat kai-fan or wantan mee for lunch
    5. Saying I'm sorry and meaning it


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