Sunday, July 31, 2005

School bazaars are made of ice cream and skeletons

Today is a very hot day in Singapore. Which was the total opposite of yesterday's weather. Unfortunately for the school near our block, they had their family day cum bazaar yesterday instead of today. But the weather didn't seem to deter the crowd and the school was buzzing with people and music blaring from a loudspeaker. MH and I realised by 9.30AM that it was impossible to sleep in any longer with the DJ calling out all 50 names of winners of the lucky draw.

The word bazaar brings memories of school fund raising bazaars. It was fun to visit one... and it was even more fun to be involved in one!

During the bazaar season, our family had to attend at least 4 or 5 school bazaars: one for my own school, one for Sam's & Paul's school, one for mom's school, and even one for dad's old school of which he is a board member.

Armed with booklets of coupons, we'd scrutinize the makeshift stalls displaying satay, roast chicken, home-made kueh and cakes, hotdogs and ice cream. On a hot day, the ice cream will be the most happening stall.

Sometimes the students will have other innovative attractions such as a science exhibition, a mini-carnival, and the classic haunted house. The haunted house will always somehow be a top attraction... even though it usually consists of the same thing: a bedsheet ghost, lots of glow-in-the-dark paint, and always involving the skeleton from the school lab.

Some schools are getting lazier at organising bazaars and resort to other more hassle-free activities such as jogathons. But I believe bazaars are not purely meant for fundraising but add colour and interesting detail to our high school memories.


  1. Talking about bazzar. Mom struggled to raise fund through a bazzar. She managed only about RM19,000.00. Do you know that SK Secrad Heart raised RM175,000.00 in one bazzar. What a world of difference !

  2. The difference is town and kampong school lah ! It's the law of unequality at work, man. Nevertheless thanks for all the support.


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