Friday, July 08, 2005

Newborn baby smell

During lunch, I popped by to see Jeremy (our cell leader) and his wife and their newborn baby Josher. They were at Raffles Hospital which is quite near my office. The baby was born at 5.16AM on Thursday morning as an early birthday present for the mother, whose birthday happens to be on that day as well!

Looking at a newborn baby is very peaceful. Very different from the ‘little devils’ Sam must have encountered at VBS. Baby Josher was quietly lying in his basinet making sucking movements with his lips. Annie (Jeremy’s wife) was relieved that the ordeal was over. The delivery was quite smooth overall, except that his head was a bit big, so the doctor had to ‘snip snip’ a little… *ouch – painful thought*

I gave them a CD compilation of baby lullabies... something nice to put on the CD player as baby Josher drifts off to sleep in the nursery.

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