Sunday, July 03, 2005

Live observations of cafe activities

10.30PM: I am now sitting in front of MH's laptop at our cafe. How nice that one of our neighbours has wireless internet access. We can borrow it a bit to do some light surfing.

We are down to just 2 tables now, a couple of tables just left a few minutes ago. I can hear their laughter and chatter in the background. Laughter is a good sign. It would be awful to have a table of bored and listless people.

Table no. 2 is playing one of my favourite games: Citadels.

Table no. 3 is playing Monopoly. A classic game. Not extremely interesting. Just a pleasant game to usher the conversation along I suppose. These are friends of one of our staff - also from CHC.

10.45PM: Another 45 minutes to go before quitin' time. One of our staff is signing off (*pause to smile and wave good bye to him).

Tomorrow is Monday.

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