Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Ceterus Paribus

Another day in history…

Yesterday we had a full house of customers… unusual for a Monday night. It was because of an initial reservation of 15 people for 2 tables ended up becoming 27 people occupying 4 tables. And big groups are always noisy. The whole place was buzzing like a madhouse. So they were all there like one big noisy family together with our other customers. The food was a bit slow. But it was to be expected since everybody opted to order at the same time instead of ordering in batches (no need to wait for friends to decide what to eat right?). Next time we will be more transparent with the customer about ordering their food first instead of waiting and waiting – resulting in a bottleneck in our kitchen.

We discovered a not so nice blog entry about our café. Nowadays you can Google “Settlers Café” and find all sorts of interesting results. Some good. Some bad. We offend some people. We make some people feel on top of the world. I truly wish that everything should always be equally consistent all the time, for all our customers.

However in reality we cannot always have a Ceterus Paribus situation. Why? Well, there are thousands of factors to consider: different staff, varying no. of customers, the customer profile, hormone levels, different manager/supervisor, even the weather plays a part! With one factor even a teeny tiny bit different from each situation, there goes Ceterus Paribus out the window.

Should we do something about all these blog entries? (especially the nasty ones). Something in us may rise up to protest and want to justify ourselves. Our hand moves the mouse and hovers over the “Comment” icon. “To be or nor to be… that is the question…”

There are thousands… even millions of blogs out there. And everyone will have something to say. It’s true that one bad blogger may cause a negative ripple effect. Instead of trying to curb this ripple. Focus on all the other thousands minus one bloggers. Do something so that this will never happen again. And think smart and think ahead to avoid a situation like this again. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.

I say this primarily for myself.

Thank you very much.

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