Thursday, June 23, 2005

Trying to dangle the carrot in front of me

I just had my mid-year review today.

This time it was not only me and my Project Manager, but my new Project Manager who will be taking over our team sat in… and not only that, my Director also opted to sit in for a while as well!

Just little ol’ me, against a panel of three (hey I made a rhyme!)

What’s the conclusion? All of them told me that they had big plans for me. They want to speed up the process of moving me up to the next level (in other words: promotion). They outlined the specific areas they want me to step up on and the opportunities they plan to create for me to raise my profile. But I have to play my part too.

In the words of my Director: “Serene, you have everything it takes to rise to the next level, I just need to see you want it enough to go out and get it!”

Hmmm… I wonder how I they’ll take the news I’ll be breaking to them soon (if all goes well for MH’s job offer that is)


  1. dont go... get the promotion... syok!

  2. Promotion is not always syok. It's a company's way os saying "we're giving you more work"

  3. Sam has ulterior motive for wanting you to stay in S'pore. Ada udang di sebalik batu !!


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