Thursday, June 09, 2005

So which guy is Denise's eye on???

Oooohhh... it's already the season finale of Eye for Guy with Denise Keller!!!

Now it's down to two sweet and gorgeous guys: Howard vs. Wolfgang

And I know its cliche, but the characters of these guys are total opposites...

Wolfgang is rich and serious and classy -- on their first date he bought Denise a Cartier necklace!!! That's serious money, man. He has this British accent and all his sentences and formed perfectly... he takes her out on dates to all the posh restaurants and his dressing and style is immaculate. Oh, and he's a Investment Banker. Conservative but sweet.

In contrast, Howard is goofy and funny and sometimes just plain silly (but in a sweet way). He writes poetry for Denise and sings songs for her, strumming enthusiastically on his guitar (sometimes out of tune, but still sweet). He actually wrote a poem and bound together in a little book titled "A Fairy Tale" where he describes Denise as a beautiful princess, and he the charming hero that saves her from the evil clutches of Wolfgang (cheeky, huh?). Denise absolutely loved it!!!

(I get goose pimples whenever I watch Howard do something sweet for Denise. He makes Denise feels like such a girl... and I admit I feel that way too when I watch them)

Okay, okay... on last night's episode, each of the guys were given ONE ENTIRE DAY to spend in private with Denise.

Howard took her out on a fun date at an amusement park. Now the moment of victory for Howard... he gave her a little book where he wrote a poem describing all the moments he shared together with Denise throughout the show. She read the entire poem out loud as Howard gently put his arm around her. On the last page, she read out something like "...we will treasure these moments always, so put the book down and look up into my eyes..." So Denise puts the book down and looks up straight up into Howard's eyes... and... he... kisses... her... WOW!!! That was an amazing moment. And I could see Denise was glowing all over.

Next was Denise's date with Wolfgang. He took her to a spa where they relaxed in a jacuzzi and had a massage and went for a golf session in the afternoon. Wolfgang did the thing where he held Denise's waist from behind to teach her how to do a golf swing (so cliche!). They ended a day with romantic date at a classy restaurant and lounge bar. But I felt Denise was distracted by memories of her previous date with Howard. Anyway, Wolfgang also managed to score a kiss with Denise... he just went right in and said "This is the real me, right here..." and he just reached over and planted a big kiss on Denise. She had no time to react or defend herself!!!

You can probably guess who I'm rooting for. Don't we just luuurve underdogs?

(Sam, I think Denise is falling in love... with someone else! *sigh*)

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