Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sales lead!!!

I secured a sales lead today!

This is certainly an achievement.

It was an interview with one of the key companies we needed to target to gather information for another project. He was an very friendly chap and we started chatting about various trends in the industry and he was very keen to find out more about our research. He mentioned that he has worked with other market research companies but they were not able to provide the information he needed. This was my cue. I told him more about some of the past projects we did and the industries we covered. Then he shared the question his company wanted answers to. Ahah! We can do that! And we agreed that I would get someone from our research team to give him on a quote for his request.

I was so excited! And I immediately emailed my director to inform her about it once I arrived back at the office.

I hope my director will be impressed.


  1. impressive... mayb u should go join the apprentice... YOU"RE FIRED!!
    far out dude...


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