Thursday, June 30, 2005

Lazy holiday

Lazing around on a Thursday afternoon... that's what I am doing now... it's the last day of my holiday in KK. Perhaps I should be doing something more fulfiling. But sometimes, nothing can beat just sitting quietly in a relaxed mode, ignoring the cares of the world (I am deliberately avoiding checking my work email at this time). The faint scent of tarap on my breath. With Mozart on the CD player (so cliche eh!).

This has been an absolutely lazy holiday.

Mom should be very happy about this. She is convinced that MH and I work a wee bit too hard sometimes in Singapore.

I love Sabah air. The smell of burnt wood from next door (the neighbour's construction workers trying to get rid of rubbish using the shortcut way). The occasional smell of kerbau poo (it's so weird that there should be a kerbau wandering around our Taman). And all kinds of lovely smells wafting in from the kitchen.

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