Thursday, June 30, 2005

Doggy news

Buddy's left front paw seems to be injured. She's been hopping around the house on three legs since this morning. I can't seem to find out what the matter is. MH and I tried to squeeze it, poke it, and move the limbs this afternoon... but she just lay there contently wagging her tail. In fact, she offered her right paw for us to examine too.

Buddy is still the same as ever... she still has that funny grin where she scrunches up her eyes and face, showing her gums with her front teeth. She still has that awful trick of hiding shoes. The other day she tried to hide my favourite black pointy flats. Dad and I scoured the whole compound. We finally found the missing shoe inside a clump of bushes. Dad went berzerk and ran after Buddy with a stick. The poor girl was terrified and found a new hiding place under the flower pots in the side porch. Poor Buddy.

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