Monday, May 23, 2005

I was the Traitor!!!!

We ended a busy Sunday night yesterday at the cafe with an all night gaming session until 3.00AM this morning with our staff to play our current favourite game: BETRAYAL AT HOUSE ON THE HILL

The sequence of the game starts very simple. Each player takes turns to play a character to explore an abandon mansion. As we uncover each room, new things happen each time. We might gain new powers to strengthen our character... or pick up special items that will help us later in the game... or unveil an omen that will reveal The Haunt.

I was Madamme Zostra last night... and when The Haunt was revealed, things took a surprising twist and I ended up becoming The Traitor!!! I transformed into the monstrous giant two-headed snake Obeirus... and my ultimate intention was to envelope all 16 parts of my giant body around the house to crush the mansion and kill all the other explorers in the house... "Hissssssssssss..."

Unfortunately, last night all the explorers were too fast and too strong for me. I only managed to crush 4 rooms before they attacked each of my two heads and killed me.

Well, they managed to win this time... but there's always a next time... *Evil Laugh* If I become the traitor again, that is.

Whatever character you play, the thrill and excitement never ends at Betrayal at House on the Hill... Muahahahaha!!!

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