Thursday, May 19, 2005

Helping a friend

MH and I have been helping a fellow cell group member in his musical endeavours.

Z wanted to participate in a talent-time organised by the Youths in our church. He opted to sing a song which he composed himself. He wasn’t able to find someone to be his “live” musician during the auditions, but after some thought, MH agreed to play the song on his guitar and record it so Z could play it back and sing to it.

But the first thing we needed to do was to figure out the chords. Z is not exceptionally musically inclined, although you cannot deny his sincere enthusiasm and passion for singing (perhaps to some people’s dismay). We had to virtually tear his song apart and put it altogether to make it flow together smoothly... not only the chords... but the timing... and the transition between verse and chorus... MH and I sat down together - him strumming in the guitar while I hummed the tune again and again and documented the results accordingly.

MH used a software on his laptop to do the recording. It was a gruelling task of playing the song again and again to get the recording right. Then later we had to piece the song together bit by bit (the software only allowed us to record 60 seconds at a time).

But we were all glad when we finally had it all pieced together. I am sure Z is very happy and grateful for our help. I have no idea what the results of the auditions are yet... but it's a nice feeling to be able to help someone realise their ideas into something tangible.

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