Monday, April 11, 2005

Today is a new day... yesterday's mistakes are forgotten

Why do our guys get on our nerves so much sometimes? I was so mad at MH because he was behaving like such an MCP yesterday afternoon. I put the clothes in to wash in the morning before church so I could hang them up when we came home. After church as we walked through the door, MH was just like "Serene, hang up the clothes"... and he just walked to his room to play computer games!!! I made the mistake of bursting my temper at him. So of course he wasn't happy either. So we didn't talk for the rest of the night. I was so mad! But this morning when he woke up, he stole a quick kiss when he thought I was sleeping... so maybe he's making up for it. I forgave him already anyway. It's new day after all.

I was ranting about this to a friend. This was her response:

"oh no, i didn't think that MH could be an mcp. not at all.took u for granted eh? well, at least he did make up ...the cheeky way =) had a revelation yest. know how we sing "His mercies are new every morning" - God actually forgives us everyday. it's like groundhog day with a clean slate and yet when we make the same mistake or sin the next day he goes," I',m not taking account". kewl eh. just thought of that cause there's things that I do that i'm not totally pleased of and yet God is so merciful and faithful."

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