Monday, April 11, 2005

Savour the moment

I was listening to a friend who was telling me how frustrated she was that her BF recently moved house to somewhere much further away from her place. It was especially frustrating since the both of them are extremely busy people. She was a cell leader and actively involved in church as well as many sports activities. He also had a lot of after work activities and sports practices to attend every week. Their relationship was becoming strained because they had so little time together.

I reflected that it would be good to persuade him to move to a place that is not so far away… and possibly but down on some of their team sports activities and devote the time to playing couple sports like tennis together. But sometimes, all this could be a time of testing… if a relationship can withstand this difficult and strenuous time, then it shows that both people are strong enough to retain your individuality yet able to flow together as a couple.

MH and I also find it frustrating at times that we have so little time together. Even though we see each other every night before we sleep, sometimes we’re just to tired to talk… especially MH… I discovered that the male species gets more easily tired of using his voice and runs out of words faster than the female of his kind. The male just feels numb after a hard day’s work and just want to stone in front of the TV or computer. This can sometimes be very frustrating indeed for the female who has a lot of thoughts and feelings she is bursting to share or just has an earnest desire to connect and communicate and bond. Or maybe it’s just me. MH says it’s just so amazing that I can have so much to say every day.

But we do have our private ‘time outs’ throughout the week… like movie night on Mondays/Tuesdays, bus rides home after bible study on Wednesdays, dinner together on Fridays, and McDonalds breakfasts on Saturdays. These are little moments that I treasure. When the whole world seem to be rushing by, it’s good to take a moment to stop and let it rush buy while you stop and savour the moment with someone you love. Nice thought.

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