Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Marathon weekend at the Cafe

Hello… well, a lot has been happening on my side for the past few days. It has been a looong tiring weekend since Friday afternoon. Mabel was really sick last week since Wednesday. We had a major special event on Friday afternoon – product launch of a new game. The inventor of the game came to Singapore and organizers of the event chose to hold the launch at our café since we were a gaming café. On top of that, we had people from Disney Princess magazine who wanted to come to our café on the same day to do a review on our establishment. That same afternoon, some kids from a local primary school dropped by our café and wanted to feature us in their school magazine. Since Mabel was sick, I had to take half day leave to stand in for her. I was totally flat out by the end of the day!

The next day, we also had a major event – a children’s birthday party. Mabel was still sick so I was in charge of hosting the party. It was no party for me, that’s for sure. The family postponed the time of the event at very short noticed. They wanted the event to run from 4pm-8pm instead of the original time of 3.30pm-7.30pm. This affected other reservations made by customers who booked tables at 7.30pm onwards. Jorena and some of her friends dropped by our café at 7.00pm that night as well.
The mother of the birthday boy called the following day to complain about our service. It definitely got my spirits down quite a bit. MH was not very pleased either. I still had to put a bold front to continue serving customers on Monday night. By the end of it, I felt emotionally wrung and weakened… but yet I cannot show any sign of weakness! The customer is always right. And as service providers, we do not have the right to show any unhappiness or tiredness to the customer. This is the honest truth!

P.S. Mabel then told us on Sunday that she discovered that she was actually pregnant… which explained why she was feeling so ill lately. This is totally unexpected!

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