Thursday, April 21, 2005

If Singapore guys are this bad, maybe Sam has a chance with his dream girl???

For Samuel’s benefit... here is an update of the premiere episode of “Eye for a Guy 2” which I watched yesterday.

When all the guys had a chance to see Denise Keller up close for the first time, all of them were smitten by her beauty. Snippets of their personal commentaries revealed that the only thought going through their minds was “Gosh, she’s so pretty!!!” Only one guy made a strong first impression by giving her a list of top 10 reasons why Denise should choose him. It was very weird and unusual… Denise had this surprised and puzzled look on her face… but she had to admit that this stuck in her mind.

Then all the guys had to go through a mini quiz and answer questions relating to BGR and dating and some just about themselves. They each picked a chocolate praline with a question stuck to it. Denise read out each question and the guy had to answer on the spot. One of the questions was “what music inspires you”. Music is very important to Denise, but the guy who was answering was very fake – he tried to do some research beforehand to impress Denise, but he couldn’t even pronounce the name of this artist properly (sounded something like Apacini). Another question was “what turns you off”. This guy tried to be cheeky and answered “big hoop earrings” – Denise was wearing big hoop earrings at that time. She understood that the guy was just trying to be funny – but it didn’t work.

After the quiz on, Denise gathered the guys to just chat with them to get to know them better. But they were so blur and probably shy. They just stood around like a rugby team and didn’t say much. Finally one cocky guy pulled Denise aside and told her he had a gift for her. He gave her an Irish wedding ring. To Denise, rings are VERY personal items, so she found it hard to accept… STRIKE ONE!!! Then the big hoop earrings guy pulled her aside to apologise for the “misunderstanding”. Denise was very nice about it, but he messed up again by trying to be cheeky again saying “go I get a kiss now?” – Denise was so not amused.

Then a competition was held to see who would win a group dinner date with Denise. The guys were divided into two teams and each team had to set up the ideal romantic dinner date for Denise. They had to set the table, decorate, cook and put it all together for Denise to judge. Team 1 provided entertainment by singing a song putting down the guys in Team 2 and boasting about how handsome and charming the guys in Team 1 were. Team 2 tried to copycat by singing “How Deep is Your Love”. Denise’s comment about was “They sang it so nicely…. Just not my kind of song…” *sigh*

Sam, do you think you can beat all the other guys if you were given the chance? Or would you be just too smitten by her beauty?

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