Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Eye For a Guy with Sam's dream girl

The new season of Singapore’s “Eye For a Guy” is coming soon. Sam should be greatly interested in this because the special girl that 10 guys will be competing for is… *drum roll*… DENISE KELLER!!!

Maybe I should give you some background about this local Singaporean reality dating show:

I watched the first season of “Eye For a Guy” last year. I smiled and laughed at the sweet and sometimes clumsy antics of local Singaporean guys vying for the favour of local Singaporean model, Rachel Lee. There would be tasks each episode for the guys to compete and the winner would win a mini date with Rachel Lee. At the end of each episode, Rachel would eliminate one of the guys. The winner would win a trip to Paris with Rachel. There was a major scandal about this show…

There were 2 finalists toward the end of the season – Mark and Sivert. Mark was more dashing and charming – but I personally thought he was being too flamboyant and sometimes fake (he had this American accent which I couldn’t stand). I liked Sivert who was quieter, more down to earth and steady. I didn’t like Rachel either who was quite an airhead and very fickle minded. During the last episode, she chose Sivert as the winner – for a while I thought she finally had some good sense in her little brain. But off-air a few weeks after that, Mark called Rachel and they got together as a couple. In the end, Mark joined Rachel and Sivert on their trip to Paris! Can you believe it!?!?!

Here is a letter written to Mediacorp about the whole issue between Mark, Sivert and Rachel:

Dear Mediacorp,

Firstly, I'd like to say that Ch5 is a Grrreat channel, & I've really enjoyed growing up with 5.... your programming, both local & foreign, are extremely entertaining. I really enjoy local shows like Blueprint, Incredible tales & Missing, & my fave local actress is Vernetta Lopez... she is so professional & makes acting look effortless. However, tonight's finale of Eye for a Guy left me with a bad taste in my mouth....I cannot believe that Mark is going to Paris with Sivert & Rachel....its really not right. Rachel chose Sivert as the winner, and all due respect should be given to him to enjoy being a winner. Instead, now he gets to be a third wheel, and I don't think he feels like a winner at all!! Rachel shouldn't be so fickle & decide who she actually wants.... she can't have her cake & eat it too!! Even if she decided that Mark is more suitable for her, she should still give Sivert the respect & honour her initial decision to share the trip to Paris with him & him alone!! There are many girls I know who are more than willing to go to Paris with a hunk like Sivert!! Rachel looked like a really nice girl in the beginning, but tonight showed her to be otherwise. I do wish her & Mark all the best, & I hope Sivert finds someone to go to Paris with him!!


And guess what? A few months later, Rachel and Mark broke up.

I rest my case.

Sam, maybe I should have told you about this earlier so you could audition to be part of the show, eh? *wink*

Check her out, surrounded by so many local hunks!

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