Sunday, April 03, 2005

Butter milk buns

It's Sunday night. We didn't go to the cafe today. After church we went home and just rested. I took a nice afternoon nap.

We ate peanut pancake for a snack just now. It's a delicacy that has endured for a long time. The Straits Times Life section featured this delicacy and rated all the top places that sell peanut pancakes. There is a stall near our our flat at Queenstown MRT that sells it for 40 cents a piece. It's not too bad... they are quite generous with the peanut filling and it's quite cheap too.

Talking about this type of thing. I recall the lovely butter milk bun mom used to buy for our tea from Menggatal. How I used to look forward to eating it after school when mom came home from work bringing those steaming hot buns with the soft golden filling. I wonder whether that bakery in Menggatal is still operating. Do you know that the only place I have ever managed to find butter milk buns is in KK? I have never come across it in any bakery anywhere else in KL or Singapore or even JB. Is it purely a local KK creation? Something like our unique Tuaran Mee? I am craving for it even right now as I type this sentence.

I have been trying to find the recipe on the internet for butter milk buns. Do any of you know where to get the recipe? I hope it's not too difficult to make.

*Stomach rumbling*

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  1. You must have the recipe for bread buns, then only the filling. Buttermilk - melted butter, powdered milk and icing sugar. Mix well. Simple as that . Don't worry, buttermilk buns from KK and meat floss buns will be coming your way this end April


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