Friday, April 01, 2005

Affogato all the way!!!

A quiet night tonight just between MH and I.

We are not on duty at the café tonight. We’ll have a simple dinner and just walk around the neighbourhood or just relax at home. Should we snack healthy on soda crackers and fruit… or binge on Oreos and ice-cream. I have a craving for the smell of coffee… not necessarily to drink it… but the smell itself is addictive enough.

We have a lovely little coffee brew at the café… our franchisor has named it ‘Coffee and Ice-Cream’. But the actual Italian name for this drink is ‘Affogato’. I think ‘Affogato’ is a far more romantic name and will inspire more people to try it. I was inspired to first try it at the Olio Café in Perth because of the exotic name. It’s a lovely drink and the exotic name makes the drinker feel more classy as they sip it. At least that’s how I felt.

Anyway, there are plans to revamp the coffee menu at our café. So perhaps our lovely ‘Coffee and Ice-Cream will be given its rightful exotic name in the end. Yeah!!! ‘Affogato’ all the way!!!

It’s a simple recipe – just pour two espresso shots over a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Some people like to top it off with fresh whipped cream. But making espresso itself is an art. I promise to brew you a fantastic espresso when you are at our café. Cappuccino or Americano anyone? Or if you’re not into coffee, we also have Miloccino!

Ironically, I have never tasted a drop of any of our coffee to date. I was never really a coffee person. But I guess I should try the coffee so I’ll be able to know how to improve it.

Just for fun
What do you think of this as my personal slogan to advertise ‘me: “Say It With Serene”
Or how’s this: “If You Can’t Beat Serene, Join Serene”
Or even: “Serene Is Good For You”
Find your own personal slogan at this slogan generator:
Or you can simply put in any word just to play around and see what silly slogan it generates.


  1. Hi Sam, haven't heard from you in a while... when are you coming to try my coffee?

    I found these slogans for you:
    "Promise Her Anything, But Give Her Samuel"
    "It's Samuel Time"
    "It's Not TV. It's Samuel"
    "It's a New Samuel Every Day"
    "It's A Samuel Adventure"

    And just for fun, here is something for Paul:
    "There's Only One Paul"
    "You've Got Questions. We've Got Paul"
    "Things Happen After a Paul"

  2. Pass the word around,
    There's a new coffee house in town,
    Affogato on the house,
    Drink it by the pound,
    Brewed by Serene,
    it promises to astound,
    Even the most hard headed hound !!

  3. Wow, poetic interlude from mom!


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