Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Winter in Singapore

It’s so freezing cold here now in Singapore… i.e. my office in Singapore that is…

We’ve been here at our new office for about a month now… and I still cannot get used to the very cold temperature setting of the air-con. I need my winter coat in here… it’s so bad that sometimes I need to walk out to the toilet to warm my hands under the electric hand-dryer… brrrrr….

Sometimes we try to turn the temperature up to something warmer… but our boss will complain that it’s so hot… and he always walks around bundled up in his thick sports jacket.

Sometimes I sit one hand and use the other hand to type on my keyboard… my hands are the organs that suffer the most because they are the only parts that stay exposed while the rest of me is bundled in a jacket.

Save me… my brain is freezing over…


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  2. Are you the only one suffering or there are more ? If there are more, you can group with the like-minded colleagues to discuss with the management to come up with an all agreeable room temperature before someone dies of cold in Singapore. Hopefully, that's not my girl !


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