Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Unsolved mysteries

Do you know what one of the biggest unsolved mysteries is today??? This is besides the frequent “missing sock mystery” and the “holes in men’s underwear mystery”…

One of the most baffling phenomenons is how pens can go missing from my office desk… every time I replenish my stationary cup with new pens, over the next few days they just seem to disappear one by one. And when you ask around, nobody seems to know about it. I can’t imagine where all those pens have gone to… the number of pens going missing is so large, it should soon become difficult for this mysterious pen-stealer culprit to keep hiding that growing mountain of stolen pens…

Does this happen to you too?


  1. I do, but probably not as bad as you. I remember once this chap who came to see me. Then, he asked to borrow my ball pen to illustrate a point. After he left, I realised that he had conveniently tokk my ball pen. Probably, unintentional !

  2. well, I have a drawerful of pens left behind inadvertently by people who come to see me - to discuss matters, to ask for signature... One day i went to the staffroom and announced that there are a lot of pens in my office, will the owner come to claim them ? Many expresssed surprise - they had been wondering where their Pens went. My clerk complained that her cache of stationery - pens, scissors, blades etc have heen missing."Tag it"' i told her and now she can trace where her stationery went - it seems that people conveniently borrowed her stuff and forgot to return them


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