Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Talking about babies

My friend Diana is on a roller coaster ride that takes her through baby heaven and sometimes baby hell! Her little son, Christopher is now approaching 4 months old and is growing into a big boy. Apparently Chris has some odd habits such as drooling when he’s tired, sleeping in cradle car seats and likes sleeping with a lot of background noise. He’s growing to look just like his father, Ronald – even at this early stage, the resemblance is uncanny.

It must be very cute to listen to a baby who has a lot to say although they do not have the words to express it yet. Mom and dad, you must have been very amused by us because I think all of us were pretty opinionated children with a lot of ideas to share. I can imagine you smiling as we all fought for our turn to tell you about our day at school or share how we felt about a recent family holiday.

But I do miss those times when we were seated around the table every night for dinner and all of us would be talking. Or in the evenings when we were all bundled up in mom and dad’s little queen size bed. It’s amazing how that bed has sustained everyone’s weight over the years.

Anyway, let’s keep the chatter going in our family! There’s nothing like a good listening ear, a cheery joke or sharing our hearts out to each other to pull a family together.

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  1. In view of an additional 'member' in hte family, we've upgraded our bed to a king-size one - unfortunately - there's nobody to crowd round... sigh... such is the stuff of life...
    It's ironic, say dad, when you can afford it- yet you cannot enjoy it fully. Talking about bigger house, bigger beda and also food - now we have to be careful of what we eat - so we avoid going to restaurants


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