Monday, March 14, 2005

Take care of our health

I’m back from Senai… we arrived back in Singapore yesterday afternoon at 2.30pm. Right after that I had to meet MH at the cinema to watch Lemony Snickett’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. His company provided free tickets for employees and their family. The movie was geared toward children… it was definitely very gloomy but there was still some poetic justice in the end – the unfortunate children overthrew their evil uncle in the end. Then after that we went over to the café as MH was on duty that night. After that we rushed home at 10pm because MH desperately wanted to catch The Apprentice.

The training was intensive… 3 days fully packed with talks, workshops, brainstorming sessions etc. We even had a lecturer from NUS come on Saturday to give us training on statistical modelling and forecasting techniques. Super “chim” man! So many formulas and methodologies! We also had team building water activities. Our team won first place – the prize was US$50 for each person!!! We also had our own BC Idol competition – each country had to send a representative. Our Singapore office idol didn’t win, but there were strong remarks that our Singapore office advertising and promotions was very strong… probably stronger than our actual idol “product”.

Back in the office today, I found out that two of my colleagues were quite sick. My team member Wilson was supposed to have flown off to Taiwan yesterday for a project, but his trip was postponed. He was not feeling well since Saturday night – during the water sports activities, he felt terribly out of breath while swimming. I personally think that this has to do with his history of smoking. Another colleague June is on MC today. Apparently she had a dizzy spell yesterday and she had blurred vision and vomiting. My director strongly advised her to see a neurologist but she refused to saying that it was nothing.

Some of my colleagues and I were talking about this over lunch. And we all concluded that incidences like these should make us want to take care of our health even more… especially as we get older.

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