Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Starting out my two cents collection

Yesterday, I mentioned to a friend, "If I could collect all the two cents worth I've been giving for all these years, what a collection of cents I would have by now"
She replied "I couldn't put a price to your thoughts... they're priceless..."
How profound!
So I thought of starting my personal collection of two cents worth for myself and for the people who matter to me in life, especially my family and friends overseas or back in my hometown whom I do not see and cannot talk with all the time.So perhaps my sharing my thoughts and reflections every now and then, it wil bridge the distance and bring us closer together even though we may be far apart.
So here is where I start...

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  1. Hurray, another blogger from the family. I asked Mom to start one. She seemed reluctant. May be she is afraid to let other see her inner thought.... Just kidding. She might scold me if you see this comment.


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