Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Racist remark???

Café biz over the weekend was pretty good. But there was a mistake in issuing the bill to one group of customers and they conveniently underpaid us without highlighting the mistake. They ordered 6 set meals but somehow we recorded only 3. When I presented the bill to them, I confirmed with them “you ordered 3 set meals?” and I think they looked at each other before saying “yes”. MH remarked that it was no coincidence that they were malays… no racism intended… but I just cannot help feeling a slight disgust over their actions… if they were not malay I would feel the same disgust, but I have never come across this behaviour in any other type of customer.


  1. No, it could be anybody, any race. A reader's digest poll showed that Asians are not quite honest in things like that - returning of lost items etc, pointing out errors in billing - the attidude is "It's your mistake - not my problem"

  2. That's true... but I hope that deep down in all of us, there should be an intrinsic value of honesty. That would be very reassuring. But it's hard to say for sure. I did a quick search on Google and found this article about the Reader's Digest honesty poll:


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