Monday, March 07, 2005

Permanent solution for a temporary situation

I was thinking about one of our cell group members whose brother recently passed away. He basically committed suicide. Apparently this brother was on a cruise ship with his mother… during the cruise, he jumped off the ship and drowned. Our cell member had to travel to Malaysia with his uncle to bring back the body to Singapore. They ran into some problems with the local police who were basically asking for “coffee money” (I wonder why they call it that). But by God’s grace, they managed to avoid having to stoop down to that level. MH and I were at the wake. Most Chinese wakes are almost quite festive, but this one was different. They wanted to make it low key. The photo of the deceased showed a solemn-looking man, he was overweight and wearing thick glasses. Our cell member recounted the whole incident to us. I asked him if this was a major shock for the whole family. He said that his mother was very shaken but he himself recalled that his brother has been quite depressed and down lately. The cruise was meant for him to relax and get over his depression. How sad that it had to end this way. One pastor who frequently visits our church always says “Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary situation”. How true this statement is. But I cannot imagine what mental anguish a person must be going through that they could even reach a level to think that they have no other way out...

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