Wednesday, March 23, 2005

News headlines today

News headlines that caught my attention today…

Arab leaders adopt initiative for peace with Israel
The plot thickens over the seemingly never-ending Arab-Israel conflict

True meaning of Easter unknown by more than half of British public: survey
Sigh… how pathetic… and how sad!!!

90,000 households to be surveyed in national survey
My colleagues and I will eagerly await the results of this survey… this kind of information is vital to our business

Preparation, counselling can help keep marriages on track
“The number of divorces reached a 20-year high in 2003, reaching 6,561 cases…” Is there no hope left for marriages in Singapore?

Students entering JC face tougher competition this year
Interesting insight to add to the report I am currently working on about the tertiary education landscape in Singapore

And just for fun, try this…
Do you know the dining etiquette in different places?

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