Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Little Boy Blues

We had an “uninvited guest” during our café’s soft launch over the weekend.

It started on Saturday (5th March) when my colleagues dropped by our café. Now my colleagues are really fun and spontaneous people… including my mentor. When they came in there was a little boy standing outside peering through the glass windows. He was eyeing the games on display hungrily. My colleagues gave him a wave… and he eagerly waved back. Then out of a whim, my mentor gestured for him to come in (I believe he just meant to see the boy’s reaction – expecting him to shake his head shyly or run away). Surprisingly, he pushed the glass door open and walked right up to our table. So my mentor invited him to sit down and started making friendly conversation with him and asking him to join in the games. The boy hung around all afternoon… my mentor discreetly ordered a drink for him but other than that he did not pay for anything else… including the drinking glass which he accidentally dropped on the floor… well never mind about that …

The next day (Sunday – 6th March) when Mabel opened the metal security grills at the front of the café, the same boy was already waiting there. Without greeting Mabel, he walked right in, took down a game and sat on a table by himself and started opening up the game to amuse himself. Mabel approached him to try and “serve” him but he refused to answer her. Later on MH sat him down to play UNO with him and to have a “talk” with him to explain that they were running a business so he cannot just come in all the time as other customers need to come in to sit – but he can come in with his family and friends and we can even offer him a discount. He didn’t say anything, but later on Mabel caught him walking around the café near the kitchen where outsiders were not allowed.
He is probably a lonely little boy who was very bored and suffering for amusement. We shall see if he comes again next weekend. But we definitely need to come up with some solution for our “Little Boy Blues”.


  1. Find out more about him - where he lives, school etc
    Is it possible to get him to do part time ? Washing dishes......

  2. Sounds like something from the tv - little lone lost boy


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