Thursday, March 31, 2005

Learning about my heritage

Today I realise that there is so much to learn about our Hakka heritage. Apparently the term ‘Hakka’ literally means ‘Guest People’ and they were sometimes also known as ‘Oriental Jews’ due to their long history of diaspora around China and in the world. Hakkas have a strong emphasis on education.

This is an interesting paper on the history of the Hakka people:

And this is an interesting website with many different sections relating to the history and heritage of the Hakka clan:

Also, equally important is our Teochew heritage as well – this is a speech from Lee Hsien Loong (PM of Singapore) on Teochew clans in the region. It’s interesting to note that Teochew clans are very strong in Thailand. And Teochew clans have a strong legacy in business and trade... I hope it is true that this business-mindedness runs in the blood, then.

And just for fun, the ‘Lee’ family is reputed to be a top Illuminati bloodline. Think of it as the ‘Lee Conspiracy’. The article is quite long and is quite heavy reading – so you might just want to browse through it quickly first. Also, please exercise discernment as you read this, it’s possible that not all of it may be true.

Learning about Chinese heritage is quite confusing sometimes. Such as the name ‘Lee’ which seems to be widely accepted as being mainly a Hokkien/Teochew surname. But my dad is Hakka and his name is ‘Lee’. And a number of prominent Hakka leaders such as Lee Teng Hui (1st president of Taiwan) and Lee Kuan Yew (ex PM of Singapore) are also named ‘Lee’.

Any of you have any ideas on this apparent contradiction of facts?


  1. Bloodlines are favourite topics of discussion during those wedding dinners. As far as i can understand from the bits of converstion that floats around during these feasts, everybody claims to have royalty or some kind of famous lineage somewhere along the line. The Wongs claim to have one of the Emperor as their ancestor. As for us humble Lim, I don't know - the one who ordered opium in China to be burnt, he's a Lim... any relation?

  2. This is also a useful site about the origins of specific Chinese surnames:

  3. I believe this is also a useful site... but it's in Chinese:


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