Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Bosses VS. Employees

I have learnt that being a boss is not as easy as most people think. I had a small experience in this area last Sunday when I was on duty at the café.

We have a part time staff in our café whom I will refer to as sml. He was passed to us by our franchisor – meaning that he was supposed to be a fully trained by the franchisor to help smooth our transition in starting up our café. But at times, we think that he has become more of a burden than a help.

As a disclaimer, these are all my personal thoughts and feelings… so don’t take it out completely on sml. I myself am learning something too. And it’s not that he has not contributed in any way at all. He definitely has helped us especially in the area of learning new games because he knows more games than us. He’s definitely passionate about games. He has helped teach many of our other hosts/hostesses new games which they must know in order to teach the customers.

But let’s get real, nobody’s perfect. Everyone has faults. But the difficult part for the boss is managing these imperfect people.

So what did sml did that was so bad?
1. He was late for work
2. He didn’t call to let me know he was late – I had to call him instead
3. He didn’t initiate to sweep and mop the floor – I had to ask him to do it
4. He idled around and didn’t wash the toilets – I had to remind him to do it
5. He helped himself to drinks he wasn’t supposed to take – employees are only allowed canned soft drinks (he poured himself some fresh lime juice and hardly left enough in the carton for customers order)
6. He didn’t offer to help me mop up a puddle of water (he just sat there reading his magazine)
7. He didn’t put back the clean dishes in the cupboard – I had to do it myself (he just sat there reading his magazine)
8. He forgot to make drinks and pass the order chit to the kitchen – I discovered it myself 45 minutes later!

And things get even more interesting…

I accidentally discovered sml’s personal blog on the internet. Soooo interesting… He had an entry about the ‘partners’ who he complained were incompetent. He admits that he can be inefficient sometimes, but the only difference between him and the ‘partners’ is that he can get fired for his mistakes but we can’t. But I decided not to tell the other partners about it, only MH. It’s better to be discreet and it will only do more harm than good if they read the entry as well.

I am guilty of some of the same faults too… mom would probably smile as she remembers about how feather-brained I used to be and still am (sometimes). But I think the key is TEACHABILITY. Sadly, it’s one of the characteristics little sml needs a lot of work on.

But I want to turn this around to change my own perspective on my own bosses. They may not be perfect (and some may even be terribly incompetent). But I have a duty to them, not necessarily because they deserve it, but because:
1. They pay my salary
2. They are accountable for me
3. They are God appointed authorities over me

That’s just my two cents for the day.

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  1. Very true. Mananging people is the most fustrating job. I have great respect for human resource managers who have to deal with staff day in day out.
    Everyone of them would think he/she has done his/her best and deserve the highest increment. Of course, Boss thinks different. Telling them that they are not as good as they think is not easy.


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